La Radiolina - Manu Chao


Manu Chao is the consummate global citizen and a poster boy for today’s revolution in world beat, yet one corner of this planet has remained surprisingly beyond his universal embrace, and that’s the United States. He hopes to change all this with his first new studio recording in over six years entitled, ‘La Radiolina’. The new album acknowledges the long gap between releases by giving listeners twenty-one new tunes. Fans will also notice a new, edgier attitude creeping into his signature light and bouncy reggae vibe. This time out he’s turning up the guitars and setting his sights on rocking the festival crowds state-side. Another aspect of La Radiolina that rings loud and proud is its voice of protest which may or may not fly in America . Manu Chao is openly critical of the current US administration and he has always been a spokesperson for the anti-globalization movement. But, he’s also clever enough to make every protest a party like on the electric debut single, ‘Rainin’ In Paradise'. Strategic concert bookings are helping Manu Chao build his American fan base. In the summer of 2007, his band performed two hugely successful shows in New York as part of the multicultural ‘Celebrate Brooklyn’ festival. Key Tracks: Tristeza Maleza, Rainin' In Paradize, Mel Llaman Calle