History Of DJ Krush - DJ Krush

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DJ Krush has taken turntablism from the streets of Tokyo to the stages of the world. His latest accomplishment is a DVD retrospective of his career so far, simply called, ‘History of DJ Krush’. The documentary was culled from hours of raw and grainy video footage. But, while the lens looks at the past of this hip hop pioneer, it has the effect of providing the viewer with a surreal, Sci-Fi glimpse into the future. The history of DJ Krush was written on the streets of Tokyo . As a teen he got into gang life and developed loose ties to the Yakuza, often referred to as the Japanese mafia. But, a movie called ‘Wild Style’ opened the next chapter in his life. It was the first hip hop motion picture. Shortly after, he got his hands on two turntables and mixer and began to experiment.' History of DJ Krush’ is an exhaustive, three DVD set that looks back on his career as a pioneer turntablist, mostly through grainy, hand held camera footage. It’s not all fascinating but it IS real. And, through English subtitles, some of his comments reflect on a visionary model for the future. When Krush was getting his start in the 80’s, he had a hard time getting the equipment he needed. There was not even a Japanese word for ‘mixer’.