Panamericana - Federico Aubele

ESL Music

Living as a foreigner in Europe for five years left Argentinean guitarist, Federico Aubele homesick for the Americas and, especially, his hometown of Buenos Aires. That inspired his debut recording, GranHotel Buenos Aires, a gentle but ground-breaking fusion of tango and dub. His highly anticipated follow-up to that disc is finally here, dramatically expanding his musical vision to embrace all the Americas . Entitled, Panamericana, the new album illustrates this by including a map in the liner notes that highlights a network of roads stretching from Fairbanks , Alaska to Cape Horn , Argentina . Looking back, he explains, “All of his musical influences originated in American countries, like dub reggae from Jamaica , Mexican bolero, Argentine tango and old school US hip hop. So, the idea of a road linking these cultures and places together became a very strong theme on this record.” Aubele compares living abroad to an exotic love affair. Then when the relationship ends you realize, “What am I doing here. I just want to go home.” Key Tracks: La Esquina, Este Momento, Lluvia