A River So Wide - Tillers Folly


It’s said that “life is short … but it’s wide!” On their sixth album called ‘A River So Wide’, Tiller’s Folly have set their sights beyond the west coast’s colorful past to include songs about life and how to live it. Taking cues from some of today’s most popular songsmiths, the band continues to shape acoustic roots and Celtic arrangements into music with mass appeal and now, more than ever, that speaks eloquently to the human condition. ‘A River So Wide’ flows from different streams of inspiration than their previous recordings which have revealed so much about Canada ’s pioneers. The new disc explores broader questions of life, love and humanity. But while the themes may be more universal this time around, their trademark acoustic roots and Celtic flavors bring it all back to the west coast … where the Tillers have always been right at home. Key Tracks: Take Pride, A River So Wide, Irish Rose