Tales From The Beach - Incognito

heads Up

Their music may be old school American R&B … even disco, but Incognito is a true global fusion. Since the ‘70s, they have borrowed music and musicians from South African, India, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Israel, France, Germany and Russia. Their founder and front man, Jean-Paul Maunick was born and raised on the tiny island of Mauritius, nine hundred kilometers from Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, which hints at the title of their latest album, Tales From The Beach. Jean-Paul or ‘Bluey’ as he’s come to be known explains that the beach was where he first got a taste of music as a kid. He spent a lot of time listening to hotel bands and the music around bonfires. So for the new album, he found inspiration by going to various beaches around the world … in Italy, Indonesia and elsewhere … and just letting the music flow. Bluey says people come to Incognito gigs looking for some kind of healing or wisdom. “But, I’m not a doctor or a prophet, so all I can do is give them something through the message in the music.”