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Epsylon - Je Me Souviens
Celtic Cross - The D Train
The Peelers - Sons Of Molly/Catharsis CANCON
The Town Pants - Seamus' Missus CANCON
Gaelic Storm - Stone By Stone
Jethro Tull - In The Past
Sketch - Barn The Tanjo
Trias - Piben INST
Lost Bayou Ramblers - La Jolie Fille N'en Veut Plus De Moi
Firkin - Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Runaby - Lotus
Fat Dog - Ring The Changes INST
Merry Hell - Sweet Oblivion



Morgan Heritage w/ Mr. Talkbox - Want Some More
Passafire - Bright
Adham Shaikh - Dancing Dubz INST CANCON
Battle Of Santiago - Se Me Complica CANCON
The Black Seeds - Loose Cartilage INST
Aswad - Invisible Sun
*exclusive interview w/ Tayo Branson from Five Alarm Funk on 'Sweat'
Five Alarm Funk - DDPP CANCON
Ennanga Vision - Like A Football
Lal Meri - Mausam
Astrocolor - El Escape INST CANCON
Justin Adams & Anneli Drecker - Wassoulou
Apollo Nove - Children Of The Sun



Flogging Molly - Welcome to Adamstown
Pipeline - Kisses And Kind Eyes
Moritz Behm - Flying Groove INST CANCON
Kierah - Amber Eyes INST CANCON
Aoife O'Donovan - Detour Sign
The Dropkick Murphys - The Dirty Glass
Breabach - Under The Influence INST
Socks In The Frying Pan - Shady Grove
The Langer's Ball - Johnny Jump Up
Michele Choiniere - La Bergere Encore
Offa Rex - Queen Of Hearts
Lappelectro - Left Ol' Tennessee CANCON
The Mahones - Spanish Lady CANCON



The Great Malarkey - Gaffa
Forro In The Dark - Ou Sim INST
The John Welsh Band - Me Hacer Sentir CANCON
Rob Montgomery - Reggae Moon CANCON
The Skints - Come To You
Filastine & Nova - Halcyon INST
Amadou & Mariam - C'est Pas Facile Por Les Angelis
* Exclusive interview with Anita Katakker and Oriana Barbato of Rakkatak
Rakkatak - Medley Norwegian Wood INST CANCON
Bonde Do Role - Office Boy
Big Mean Sound Machine - Hired Guns INST
Alonso - This One Encounter CANCON
Roberto Lopez - Maria La Baja INST CANCON
Rene Lopez - Steal Your Love



Celtica - Itchy Fingers
Susana Seivane - Na Terra De Trasancos INST
Melisande - Quand Le Hommes Sont Aux Vignir CANCON
Cassie & Maggie - Seileach
Shooglenifty - McConnell's Rant INST
The Mahones - Give It All You Got CANCON
Vasen - La Marche
Hermitage Green - Golden Rule
Firkin - Into The Night
Plantec - Nerzh INST
The Real McKenzies - Stephen's Green CANCON
Karine Polwart - Strange News
LQR - Mis Amigos
Eileen Ivers - Darlin' Corey INST



The Hot 8 Brass Band - On The Spot INST
Nattali Rize - Rebel Frequency
Adham Shaikh - Spaceship Earth INST CANCON
Rakkatak - Heliosphere INST CANCON
Emel Mathlouthi - Thamlaton
Rumba Caliente - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Elastic Bond - Eclipse Total
Thievery Corporation - Letter To The Editor
Orchestra Baobab - Fayinkou
No Luck Club - Dosa Hut Chase INST CANCON
Sonantes - Braz
Beba - Bulletproof CANCON



Spoek Mathambo - I Found You
Big Mean Machine - Running For The Ghost INST
Compassion Gorilla - Apocalypse Never CANCON
Five Alarm Funk - Hot Damn CANCON
Satsang - Beautiful Days
Beninghove's Hangmen - When The Levee Breaks INST
De'Anza - Estas Recibiendo
Issa Bagayogo - Kalan Nege
Alex Cuba - El Dia De Hoy CANCON
Fumaca Preta - Toda Pessoa
The Sextones - Goodbye Yesterday
Os Tropies - Seu Heka CANCON



Firkin - Focimese
Celtica - Andy Renwick's Ferret INST
Vishten - Chalet Groove INST CANCON
Ground Cherry - Giant's Gate INST CANCON
Railroad Earth - Chasin' A Rainbow
Young Dubliners - Chance
The Sidh - Ge High/Maid Of The Mount Of Cisco INST
Manran - Tillidh Mi
Nickel Creek - Smoothie Song INST
The Paperboys - City Of Chains CANCON
Homeland - Pressed For Time INST
Kate Bush - Mna Na Heireann
La Bottine Souriante - The Grumbling Woman CANCON
Iain Morrison -No Sunday Golf?! INST



The Led Farmers - The White Set INST
The Breath - This Dance Is Over
MAZ - Chasse-Galerie INST CANCON
The Jerry Cans - Paniarjuk CANCON
Battlefield Band - The Canongate Twitch INST
Jig To A Milestone - Back Home in Derry
Culann's Hounds - Twin Peaks INST
Doolin' - Le Jupon Blanc INST
Afro Celt Sound System - My Secret Bliss
Sketch - Encore INST
Melisande - Le Ruban Bleu CANCON
Iarla O'Lionaird - The Heart Of The World
The Town Pants - Rainville CANCON



The Echocentrics - Echo Hotel INST
Nattalie Rize - Free Up Your Mind
Battle Of Santiago - Congo CANCON
Auresia - Raices CANCON
Vieux Farka Toure - Nature
Son Of Dave - Pump up The Jam
The Chamanas - Purple, yellow, Red and Blue
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Wash Your Hands
Sola Rosa - The Ace Of Space INST
Alex Cuba - En Mi Guitarra CANCON
Tamikrest - Adoutat Salilagh
Touki - Eric Ragu Group & Laye Kouyate
The Sextones - Blame It On My Youth



Saor Patrol - Artur Ard Righ INST
Flogging Molly - The Hand Of John L. Sullivan
Cassie & Maggie - The Salley Garden Set INST CANCON
The Mahones - Someone Saved Me CANCON
Sharon Shannon - Saints and Angels (with The Waterboys)
Barleyjuice - Weekend Irish
9Bach - Llyn Du
Merry Hell - Out Of My Mind
Jim Moray - Eppie Moray
Treacherous Orchestra - Superfly INST
Le Vent Du Nord - Adieu Marie INST CANCON
The Fretless - Bird's Nest INST CANCON



The Atomic Bomb Band - Good Name
Ennanga Vision - Like A Football
Alex Cuba - Yo Se Quien Soy CANCON
Andrew McPherson - Forest For The Trees CANCON
Satsang - Speak Up (feat. Wookiefoot)
The Jolly Boys - I Fought The Law
Tinariwen - Sastanaqqam
Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)
Africando - Tiembela
Marce LaCouture - L'oranger
Boogat - En La Montana CANCON
Superhuman Happiness & Cults - Um Canto De Afoxe Para O Bloco Do Ile
Pouya Mahmoodi - Halgheh



The Sidh - All In One Day INST
Stevie Dunne - Bolies Road INST
Old Man Luedecke - Joy Of Cooking CANCON
Irish Moutarde - Glasses To The Sky CANCON
Basco - The Tribulations Of Svendborg Stadtmusicus INST
Enter The Haggis - Murphy's Ashes INST CANCON
Salsa Celtica - Rolling Road
Tarras - The Seige
Lost Bayou Ramblers - Carolina Blues
Melisande - Angelique CANCON
The Real McKenzies - Old Becomes New CANCON
Cassie & Maggie - The King's Shilling CANCON
Feufollet - A Saint-Martin
John McCusker - Wabazi Heaven



Amazones d'Afrique - Doona
Vieux Farka Toure - Bonheur INST
En Karma - She Kills CANCON
Roberto Lopez -Quiebra-Canto CANCON
Janka Nabay - Bubu Dub
Brownout - Iron Man INST
J Boog - Nuh Wan Dat
Galactic - Cineramascope
Bebel Gilberto - Bring Back The Love
KoboTown - King Sugar CANCON
Mon Rivera - Ya Llego (Capt. Planet remix)
Liber Teran - Te Amargo (feat. Romina Guardino)
Te Vaka - Oku Aho La



Iain Copeland - Neil Ewart of Ardnamurchan INST
Cecile Corbel - Stor Mo Chroi
Raz-De-Maree - Le Voyage INST CANCON
Cassie & Maggie - Seileach CANCON
Three Mile Stone - Piper On Horseback INST
The Mahones - One Last Shot CANCON
Jansberg - Kometens Hale INST
Jim Moray - Fair Margaret And Sweet William
Spiro - The Vapourer INST
The Tiller's Folly - Winter CANCON
Niall & Cillian Vallely - Sunnyside INST
The Jerry Cans - Iqanajarumanngittunga CANCON
Dharmakasa - Celtic Raga CANCON



Tinariwen - Sastanaqqam
Les Amazones D'Afrique - I Play The Kora
Roberto Lopez - Oye Candelaria CANCON
Five Alarm Funk - Widowmaker INST CANCON
Aquaserge - Charme d'Orient
Kinky - Mexican Radio
Janka Babay and The Bubu Gang - Build Music
Ziggy Marley - Black Cat
Bossacucanova - Bom Dia Rio (Posto 6)
Systema Solar - Rumbera
Steve Dawson - Broken Futures Blues CANCON
Nick Waterhouse - Say I Wanna Know
Locos Por Juana - Mueve Mueve



Martyn Bennett - Chanter
Hackensaw Boys - C'mon Baby Don't Bet Against Me
The Jerry Cans - Paniarjuk CANCON
Sabir Sisters - Anna's Anger INST CANCON
Homeland - Modern Man
The Town Pants - Death Feels Like Me Today CANCON
Kila - Rachel Corrie INST
9Bach - Anian
*interview with Chris McKhool of Sultans Of String
Sultans Of String - Subcontinental Drift INST CANCON
Roddie Romero & The HubCity All-Stars - Donne-Moi, Donc
Eamonn Coyne & Kris Drever - Isle Of France
Fenja Menja - Norsk Reinlaender INST



Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda
Oumou Sangare - Yere Faga
Kobo Town - London Town CANCON
The Jerry Cans - Nirliit CANCON
Tamikerst - Wainan Adobat
The Hillbenders - I'm Free
Jungle Fire - LA Kossa
Ersatzmusika - It's The Russian Beat
Mamer - Kargashai
Chicano Batman - Angel Child
Lenkkodek - Open My Eyes CANCON
Divisionists - Say Can You
Johannes Linstead - Rico! INST CANCON



Mick McAuley - Rain & Snow
Peatbog Faeries - Abhainn A'nathair INST
Melisande - L'ivrogne Degrise CANCON
Mudmen - This Old World CANCON
Barleyjuice - St. Patrick's Day
Dropkick Murphys - Forever
Battlefield Band - The Canongate Twitch INST
The Unthanks - Lucky Gilchrist
The Led Farmers - The White Set INST
Young Dubliners - We The Mighty
Jim Moray - The Week Before Easter
Seiva - Azul INST
Mac Morin - Inception Reels INST
Old Blind Dogs - A Wild Rumpus



Aquaserge - C'est Pas Tout Mais
Ani Cordero - Corrupcion
The Jerry Cans - Ukiug CANCON
Five Alarm Funk - 10,000 Scarabs CANCON
Afrosonics - Jet-Powered
Rachid Taha - Rock El Casbah
*exclusive interview with Sultans of String on their Juno nomination
Sultans Of String - Subcontinental Drift INST CANCON
Liber Teran - Sal Y Ven (feat Julieta Venegas)
Magnifico - Evo Me Narode
Bixiga 70 - 100% 13 INST